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Our canapé selection is simple and elegantly presented as well as being delicious. From the traditional to the contemporary our canapé menus combine local and seasonal ingredients with innovative food design. Capelli Foods always ensure each hand made piece is not only unique but tastes exquisite.

Our Fork Food menus, often referred to as Mini Meals, are an effective and stylish way to feed any number of guests more informally without having to sit everyone at dining tables.  The Capelli team can design food stalls (or as we call them Action Stations) from which to serve Fork Foods, or, have our professional wait staff serve to your guests. They are designed to be eaten in a range of ways, from smaller ceramic bowls with entrée forks to bamboo boats and bamboo forks.  The following canapés are recommendations and suggestions only which have proven to be the most popular choices by previous clients.  If there are other styles of canapés or dietary requirements required we are most accommodating in this regard.

Canapé menu

Ideal mouthwatering canapés made with care and passion, ideal to accompany a drinks reception. Be it a formal or relaxed gathering, these tasty savoury treats are all handmade to suit your event.
We always use the freshest ingredients supplied by local farmers, producers and providores.
Offering a selection of meat, fish and vegetarian and vegan options served hot or cold, they are served to your guests by our friendly and professional catering team who ensure your event runs smoothly and hassle-free and everyone has an enjoyable time.

Here are some samples of the Capellis Canapés:

gf: gluten free | v: vegetarian | c: cold


  1. Roquefort and peach bruschetta with shredded basil v c
  2. Traditional gazpacho shots, chilli and cucumber salsa v c
  3. Grilled haloumi, tapenade, chilli jam and micro herb v
  4. Roasted swiss muchroom, minted goats cheese v
  5. Piquillo Pimento, beet and avocado tar tare crostini v c


  1. Kingfish ceviche with coriander on Asian spoon c
  2. Pan-seared peppered tuna, pickled giners and lime zest aioli
  3. Spanner crab tostada, corn salsa and avocado mousse
  4. Poached Mooloolaba prawn served with fresh lemons and lemon aioli


  1. Sumac lamb, smoky eggplant and minted labna
  2. Crispy wonton, hoisin pork fillet, wakame slaw
  3. San choi bao chicken laab
  4. Rare roast beef, potato rosti and horseradish aioli
  5. Empanada of spiced Spanish lamb and pine nut

Mini Meals – Stand up substantial

These stand up dishes are generally served in bio-degradable bamboo plates or bowls with bamboo cutlery. So after grazing on a few canapés these will fulfil any concerned guests’ dietary intake. We have a myriad of new and exciting dishes from around the world for your guests to try. Again these are only a few examples of our collection.


The Hawaiian classic is casual, the kind of food you eat somewhere on the beach listening to the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. Now you can eat new-school versions anywhere, served atop trendy rice bowls. Traditionally, poké (pronounced POKE-AY, not POKE-EE) is chunks of tuna marinated in soy and sesame. But poké is such a ubiquitous term that it can mean anything chunked, because poké comes from the verb for “to section, slice, or cut” in Hawaiian language. This raw seafood salad is a cross between sushi and ceviche.

  1. Tuna cube poké with sesame, chilli, ginger, soy, seaweed, onion and tomato gf c
  2. Atlantic salmon cube poké with onion, cucumber, tomato, lemon, dill and mayonnaise gf c


This Okinawan specialty is an example of how fusion is by no means a dirty word. Word has it a local Okinawan chef made it to appeal to the tastebuds of US forces stationed there in the 1960s and it became a hit, with myriad variations. The idea is to pile all the elements into a bowl and mix them before you tuck in.

  1. Beef taco rice fusion of Japanese and Mexican-flavoured mince with shredded lettuce and salsa on a bed of rice

Miso chicken

This simple but tasty dish is inspired by Asian flavours and will have your guests asking for more.

  1. Miso chicken and green beans with sesame seeds, served with rice noodles and beanshoots

Pedro Ximenez beef cheek

This classic slow-braised beef dish with amazing Spanish flavours is a must have on your mini meals list.

  1. Beef cheek braised in Pedro Ximenez cherry and red wine, served with potato puree and seasonal greens.

Edamame veggie burger

A great option for your vegetarian guests but also the general masses as these beauties have some awesome flavours.

  1. Edamame burger served with pickled ginger, radish and sprout salad, grilled naan bread and wasabi cream

Tapas plate

A Spanish-flavoured grazing plate for guests to try, which can be done complete vegetarian or a range to suit the carnivores. Ask the crew at Capellis what’s on this weeks tapas plate?

Petit rolls (sliders)

Some more savoury goodies which are a bit more filling, to add to your canapé selection. Also all handmade by the Capelli Foods crew, they are great to enjoy after canapés, but also an awesome filler later into the evening. They can be served to your guests or set up as an Action Station for guests to come to, choosing their own condiments and be served.

Here are some samples of the Capelli sliders:

  1. Mini souvalaki with slow cooked lamb, tabouli, hummus and yoghurt sauce
  2. Bratwurst with German mustard and sauerkraut
  3. Mini beef burger with cheddar cheese, caramelised onion and tomato relish
  4. Grilled mediterranean vegetables with rocket, fetta and garlic aioli v c
  5. Smoked chicken with seasonal salsa c
  6. Asian-flavour pork belly bao and kimchi
  7. Pedro Ximenez beef cheek, lamb ragu, Texas pulled pork

Late-night snacks

As reception parties turn into after-parties, the menu options can stay on the dessert course – or if it’s really late, or early depending on how you look at it, you may want to serve breakfast to those who have spent the whole night celebrating. Many clients choose breakfast-themed ideas as the late-night snack, such as bacon, egg and cheese muffins.

But this is where some of your sliders or bratwurst can be held back for the revellers who are on the munch after some are already done and dusted and have hit the highway! It keeps them going and the party going – especially if you have a destination wedding or event.

Don’t forget that Capelli Foods also cater for the most fabulous gourmet BBQ event you could host on the Sunshine Coast!