Capelli Foods


Sunshine Coast catering

Capelli Foods salads come in both large and small a great addition to any barbecue or dinner party.

  • Small: 4-6 people
  • Large: 8-10 people
  1. Spicy potato salad with chorizo $15/$25
  2. Fruit and nut coleslaw $15/$25
  3. Lentil salad with red onion and garlic $15/$25
  4. Risoni pasta salad with roasted pumpkin and cherry tomatoes $15/$25
  5. Mango, tomato and red onion salad $15/$25
  6. French bean and sesame seeds $15/$25
  7. Spicy eggplant, lemon, capers and green olives $21/$35
  8. Green leafy salad with raspberry dressing $21/$35
  9. Smoked salmon, julienne cucumber, dill and horseradish cream $21/$35
  10. Marinated mushrooms with Spanish sherry vinegar $25/$42
  11. Watermelon, goat’s fetta, mixed seeds and olives $25/$42
  12. Grilled asparagus, zucchini, fetta and mint $25/$42
  13. Spinach, pine nut, and goat’s fetta  $30/$50
  14. Chicken laab (Thai style minced chicken salad) $30/$50
  15. Spiced quail, mixed green leaf and yoghurt $35/$58
  16. Avocado, rocket and crab meat $35/$58
  17. Avocado, coconut poached organic chicken $35/$58
  18. Confit shredded duck, apple, celery and walnut $55/$92

Did you know that you can have your own personal chef on the Sunshine Coast from Capelli Foods to cater at your next private function?  Spoil yourself!