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Capelli Foods has featured in numerous Sunshine Coast publications:

The Gympie Times

LOVERS of fine foods would frequently ask Chef Michael Hehir for take-home meals when he was at Kingston House Restaurant because let’s face it, not everyone is cut out to cook food for a dinner party that not only tastes great but looks great too.

This inspired Michael and his wife Carolyn Mandersloot to offer the unique opportunity for busy people to enjoy quality fresh food at home and after three and-a-half years at Kingston House they finished up and opened Capelli Foods.

Michael and Carolyn were convinced there was potential for serving their food direct to the locals in the form of take-home gourmet meals, a personal chef or catering with full staff for any function.

They operate from the old Fo’s Fine Foods’ building in Lady Mary Terrace and specialise in catering for all occasions from a simple meal or a lavish spread for two or many.

“We found there was quite a demand when we were in the restaurant and decided we wanted to do something so locals could enjoy the fine-dining experience in the comfort of their own home,” Carolyn said. “We cater for anything from private intimate meals for two or more people through to 500, and the other things we do is personal chefing or take-home meals.”

Capelli Foods prides itself on using only the freshest ingredients for seasonally inspired meals, and the menu can be chosen to meet their client’s preferences and special dietary requirements.

Using quality fresh produce from local growers, Michael draws on his vast experience locally, nationally and internationally to bring only the best to his customers.

He and Carolyn look forward to discussing their clients’ needs and planning a simple meal or lavish spread for two or many.
And with Christmas around the corner, cooking a big lunch for the family or catering for Christmas parties can be made a lot easier with Capellis Foods. Or if you are looking for gift ideas, why not purchase a gift voucher and make your loved ones’ lives easier with a personal chef, a week of delicious take-home meals or catering for a dinner party.

Whatever your appetite is, Capelli Foods can package up something really special.

Lee Gailer
The Gympie Times