Ken Mills Toyota Pop-Up Restaurant Catering

Take a look at this YoutTube video below of a Pop Up restaurant we did with Millsy’s Donation Drive in Support of Sunny Kids, which supports kids here on the Sunshine Coast. It was at Ken Mills Toyota  down the middle of the workshop for 130 people. They started with Canapes out the front and then made their way into the Workshop area, which was transformed for the Evening for our Pop Up restaurant. The guests had a  Sumptuous Banquet Menu prepared and served by the Professional Capelli crew of Texas Smokehouse Beef Ribs, Spanish style Pork Belly , Potato Dauphinoise, Quinoa Salad with Goats and Orange segments, Chefs trio of Green Salad watercress, Endive and spinach.

Followed up by a Dessert  & Cheese Bar  with some greats from the Dessert Architects including Baklava, pink Macaroons, and Gluten Free Brownie. This is the second year the Pop Up has been done in the Four years that Millsy has run his donation Drive and I’m sure it is here to stay.