Cooking Video Series with Green RV

Capelli Foods are collaborating with Recreational Vehicle Company GREEN RV to showcase their range of RV’s with a series of Cooking shows by Michael at various locations around Australia. Here is the first video feature which was filmed at the Scarborough Holiday Village just South of Brisbane near Deception Bay.

In the video you will see Michael preparing a couple of dishes which are easily prepared utilising the equipment from the Next Gen Greyline RV. The dishes are great accompaniments for a variety of protein dishes or just eaten as a meal on their own. The recipes are mentioned throughout the video so keep an eye out so you can take a copy to reproduce the meal yourself.

As mentioned earlier there will be a series of these videos to look out for, which should be produced every 4-6 weeks. So you don’t need an RV to produce them, you can crank them out in your own home.